sexta-feira, dezembro 14, 2007

Hollywood Buzz #8

O que se diz lá fora acerca das nomeações para os Globos de Ouro:

«At least the Hollywood Foreign Press Assn. is providing an accurate reflection of the malaise and confusion of this Oscar season, in which there's no "Titanic"-like film destined to scoop up awards, and enough anxiety around to spark a run on Xanax. Given the fact that the Writers Guild of America has not yet revealed whether it plans to picket the awards derby or specifically the Golden Globes, no one even knows for sure whether the stars will show up to be feted, swagged, and fussed over.»
Rachel Abramowitz, Los Angeles Times.

«But lots of movies shared the limelight. Breaking tradition, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, which awards the Globes, spread the love around in the best dramatic picture category, citing seven films, as opposed to the usual five. »
Michael Cieply & David Carr, New York Times.

«Surprises included a staggering seven films nominated for Best Motion Picture - Drama and Paul Thomas Anderson not getting a Best Director nom. For shame!»
Mike Sampson,

«Perhaps the best indicator of a wide-open race was the obvious tie in voting that led to seven (as opposed to the usual five) nominees for best drama film. And in something of a surprise, given the Globe voters' tendency to honor favored stars, Nicole Kidman was overlooked in a year when she was virtually a permanent fixture at the box office with films including "The Golden Compass" and "Margot at the Wedding."»
Bill Zwecker, Chicago Sun-Times.

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