domingo, maio 11, 2008

Hollywood Buzz #23

O que se diz lá fora acerca de SPEED RACER:

«SPEED RACER sets out to honor and refresh a youthful enthusiasm from the past and winds up smothering the fun in self-conscious grandiosity.»
A.O. Scott, New York Times.

«SPEED RACER is a manufactured widget, a packaged commodity that capitalizes on an anthropomorphized cartoon of Capitalist Evil in order to sell itself and its ancillary products.»
Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times.

«So bereft of intelligence, style and excitement that I can't figure out who in the world it's supposed to appeal to.»
Stephanie Zacharek,

«Young boys are the only suitable audience for SPEED RACER, and even they might feel an urge to squirm between the videogame-style, whizbang, jellybean-colored, CG-jiggered car races that are the adrenalized heart of this entertainment with no soul.»
Lisa Schwarzbaum, Entertainment Weekly.

«Pure cotton candy -- entirely non-nutritious but too sweet and pretty for young people to resist.»
Todd McCarthy, Variety.

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