domingo, abril 19, 2009

Hollywood Buzz #43

O que se diz lá fora acerca de STATE OF PLAY:

«A smart, ingenious thriller set in the halls of Congress and the city room of a newspaper not unlike the Washington Post.»
Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times.

«The chance to explore the swiftly changing culture of Web-age journalism is one of several intriguing possibilities that STATE OF PLAY squanders.»
A.O. Scott, New York Times.

«STATE OF PLAY keeps the twists coming.»
Peter Travers, Rolling Stone.

«STATE OF PLAY does get a little creaky in its last third -- at that point it needs to be more streamlined, more concise. But Macdonald and the screenwriters manage to weave their ideas through a sturdy-enough plot, so we never feel we're being preached to.»
Stephanie Zacharek,

«This efficient, admirably coherent thriller about reporters digging down to where politics and murder meet in Washington, D.C., has a wistful air about it as regards the fourth estate at a time when the profession is dangling by a thread.»
Todd McCarthy, Variety.

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Filipe Machado disse...

Caro Sam, estou eu aqui a trabalhar sem possibilidade de me deslocar à Biblioteca Pública para ver o Ódio... Mas como alternativa à minha frustração sempre posso aceder ao teu blogue :)

Para mim, este filme é um dos thrillers mais esperados do ano. Folgo em saber que tem tido um bom acolhimento pela crítica especializada!