sexta-feira, julho 13, 2012

Hollywood Buzz #173

O que se diz lá fora sobre THE IMPOSTER, de Bart Layton:

«THE IMPOSTER makes slick work of its wily subject, using atmospheric reenactments and stark, soul-baring interviews to explore a mind-boggling case of false identity.»
Peter Debruge, Variety.

«One of the most entertaining documentaries to appear since EXIT THROUGH THE GIFT SHOP, a film similarly obsessed with role playing and deception.»
Jeannette Catsoulis, The New York Times.

«The documentary equivalent of a page-turner.»
Owen Gleiberman, Entertainment Weekly.

«A mesmerizing psychological thriller bulging with twists, turns, nasty insinuations and shocking revelations that might have leapt from the pages of a Patricia Highsmith novel, THE IMPOSTER is all the more astonishing because it actually happened.»
David Rooney, The Hollywood Reporter.

«The film shrewdly opts not to proffer its own hypothesis about the true reasons behind the Gibson family buying Frédéric Bourdin's story.»
Nick Schager, Slant Magazine.

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