sexta-feira, agosto 24, 2012

Hollywood Buzz #179

O que se diz lá fora sobre SIDE BY SIDE, de Christopher Kenneally:

«Although laid out with such clarity that any layperson could catch the gist of what's being discussed, SIDE BY SIDE is not afraid to get nitty-gritty about more technical matters.»
Leslie Felperin, Variety.

«Tracing the rise of digital movies via a wealth of charts, clips and candid testimonies, this Keanu Reeves-produced and narrated investigation offers a thorough analysis of what's very likely the most important cinematic development since the advent of sound.»
Jordan Mintzer, The Hollywood Reporter.

«Produced by Keanu Reeves, this talking heads survey of the transition from shooting on film to digital video is against all odds an imminently watchable overview, and not only because Reeves has decent interview skills.»
Eric Kohn, indieWIRE.

«No true movie junkie is going to want to miss SIDE BY SIDE.»
Peter Travers, Rolling Stone.

«A serviceable primer on the digital-celluloid divide in commercial cinema, if a bit unwieldy in scope and in danger of being made obsolete by the next version of the RED camera.»
Bill Weber, Slant Magazine.

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