sexta-feira, dezembro 28, 2012

Hollywood Buzz #192

O que se diz lá fora sobre DJANGO UNCHAINED, de Quentin Tarantino:

«Like INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS, DJANGO UNCHAINED is crazily entertaining, brazenly irresponsible and also ethically serious in a way that is entirely consistent with its playfulness.»
A.O. Scott, The New York Times.

«An immensely satisfying taste of antebellum empowerment packaged as spaghetti-Western homage... A bloody hilarious (and hilariously bloody) Christmas counter-programmer.»
Peter Debruge, Variety.

«Only Tarantino could come up with such a wild cross-cultural mash, a smorgasbord of ingredients stemming from spaghetti Westerns, German legend, historical slavery, modern rap music, proto-Ku Klux Klan fashion, an assembly of '60s and '70s character actors and a leading couple meant to be the distant forebears of blaxploitation hero John Shaft and make it not only digestible but actually pretty delicious.»
Todd McCarthy, The Hollywood Reporter.

«At times more in line with BLAZING SADDLES than the grimly bawdy qualities that define many bonafide oaters, DJANGO UNCHAINED erupts with a conceptual brilliance from the outset that never fully meshes with its clumsy storyline. Nevertheless, it's a giddy ride.»
Eric Kohn, indieWIRE.

«I can only say DJANGO delivers, wholesale, that particular narcotic and delirious pleasure that Tarantino still knows how to confect in the cinema, something to do with the manipulation of surfaces. It's as unwholesome, deplorable and delicious as a forbidden cigarette.»
Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian.

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