sexta-feira, abril 16, 2010

Hollywood Buzz #79

O que se diz lá fora sobre KICK-ASS, de Matthew Vaughn:

«Let's say you're a big fan of the original comic book, and you think the movie does it justice. You know what? You inhabit a world I am so very not interested in.»
Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times.

«Fast, periodically spit-funny and often grotesquely violent, the film at once embraces and satirizes contemporary action-film clichés with Tarantino-esque self-regard — it’s the latest in giggles-and-guts entertainment.»
Manohla Dargis, New York Times.

«KICK-ASS offers some genuinely clever observations about the creation of celebrity in a world where viral video clips and latenight talkshow quips can turn attention seekers into overnight sensations (and inadvertent role models).»
Joe Leydon, Variety.

«Is it a problem that KICK-ASS is by far the most violent movie ever to feature kids as heroes? Parents should consider themselves warned, though personally, I just wish that the film had ended up a bit less of an over-the-top action ride.»
Owen Gleiberman, Entertainment Weekly.

«A mosh pit of a comic-book movie that dares you to dive into its anarchy.»
Peter Travers, Rolling Stone.

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