sexta-feira, abril 01, 2011

Hollywood Buzz #120

O que se diz lá fora sobre SOURCE CODE, de Duncan Jones:

«An ingenious thriller that comes billed as science fiction, although its science is preposterous.»
Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times.

«In crucial ways, SOURCE CODE, written by Ben Ripley, recalls MOON, Mr. Jones's accomplished feature debut about a solitary astronaut played by Sam Rockwell. SOURCE CODE is bigger, shinier, pricier.»
Manohla Dargis, New York Times.

«Solid execution and some provocative ideas can't save SOURCE CODE from a fatal hubris, as it thinks itself far more clever than it actually is and assumes it's earned emotions at which it's only hinted.»
Andrew Barker, Variety.

«Among all the chess-piece players on the board, the star is the only one who really builds a solid emotional foundation for his character.»
Lisa Schwarzbaum, Entertainment Weekly.

«The movie boils down to one character, acting under enormous pressures of space and time, racing to solve a mystery. In this case, that may be good enough.»
Kirk Honeycutt, The Hollywood Reporter.

6 comentários:

Luís Azevedo disse...

Este blog está de alguma maneira relacionado com o segmento homónimo da revista Total Film?

Sam disse...

@Luís, a Total Film tem um segmento chamado Hollywood Buzz? Eu não compro a revista...

Cumps cinéfilos.

Álvaro Martins disse...

Não me cheira! É pena porque gostei do Moon

Sam disse...

@Álvaro, é como diz a Dargis: "bigger, shinier, pricier" :) Mas a ver vamos.

Obrigado pela visita, volta sempre!

Luís Azevedo disse...

A Total Film Portugal tem um segmente chamado Keyser Söze's Place... Saiu ontem a primeira ediçao e estranhei ter essa secção, até porque o autor assina com as iniciais TF.

Close up! disse...

Eu quero ver na mesma...
Aquele trailer é arrebatador...