sexta-feira, outubro 21, 2011

Hollywood Buzz #142

O que se diz lá fora sobre MARTHA MARCY MAY MARLENE, de Sean Durkin:

«The largely elliptical script feels a few drafts shy of focus, with the thriller elements undermining the juicier questions of why one joins a cult and how life can go back to normal later.»
Peter Debruge, Variety.

«Patrick periodically criticizes his disciples, including Martha, for failing to be open enough with him, and that is also a shortcoming of MARTHA MARCY MAY MARLENE, which is a bit too coy, too clever and too diffident to believe in.»
A.O. Scott, The New York Times.

«It's Olsen, as a damaged soul clinging to shifting ground, who makes this spellbinder impossible to shake.»
Peter Travers, Rolling Stone.

«MARTHA MARCY MAY MARLENE leaves a viewer hanging, quite literally, lost in an enveloping fog of mood without resolution. Olsen, meanwhile, definitely marks her arrival.»
Lisa Schwarzbaum, Entertainment Weekly.

«Elizabeth Olsen steps onto the radar as a seriously accomplished actor in this mesmerizing drama, which also marks an assured feature debut for writer-director Sean Durkin.»
David Rooney, The Hollywood Reporter.

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