sexta-feira, fevereiro 10, 2012

Hollywood Buzz #156

O que se diz lá fora sobre IN DARKNESS, de Agnieszka Holland:

«For the film to work, Holland needs audiences to connect as deeply with the trapped Jews as Socha eventually does. With the exception of the group's leader, movie-star handsome Mundek Margulies (German-born, internationally recognized Benno Furmann), the characters are flat as shadows.»
Peter Debruge, Variety.

«This story of suffering and almost inadvertent humanitarianism is harrowing, engrossing, claustrophobic and sometimes literally hard to watch.»
Todd McCarthy, The Hollywood Reporter.

«It is suspenseful, horrifying and at times intensely moving. But the ease with which it elicits these responses from the audience feels more opportunistic than insightful.»
A.O. Scott, The New York Times.

«Over time, Holland's approach pushes beyond despair and turns into a pure exercise in grim atmosphere, shifting from a story of staying alive to a closeup of a private hell.»
Eric Kohn, indieWIRE.

«Rather than beginning with the assumption that there is no possibility of our coming to know that kind of suffering exactly and using imagination and insight to truly take us inside the Lvov Jews' plight, Holland makes the base conditions of their confinement a narrative as well as aesthetic priority. And frankly it's boring as shit.»
Michelle Orange, Movieline.

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