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Festival de Cannes 2012 — Dia 2

. DE ROUILLE ET D'OS, de Jacques Audiard (Em Competição)

Audiard com Marion Cotillard e Matthias Schoenaerts

Jacques Audiard

«É esse o tema do filme, personagens deformadas nestes tempos de crise, onde sociedade converte-se em barbárie e as pessoas são forçadas a procurar alimento em caixotes de lixo», o realizador Jacques Audiard durante a conferência de imprensa para DE ROUILLE ET D'OS.

Marion Cotillard, já apontada pela crítica como favorita ao Prémio de Melhor Interpretação em Cannes

«Jacques Audiard's moving love story, which surges out of the screen like a flood tide, deserves to be awash with awards», Peter Bradshaw in The Guardian.

«Gritty treatment of a rather conventional emotional dynamic yields a solid, involving drama», Todd McCarthy in The Hollywood Reporter.

«Awash with aesthetic and narrative decisions that scratch at the boundaries of human empathy and simple good taste, it's the rare Croisette provocation that invites polarized responses by flirting with convention, even cliché, rather than transgression», Guy Lodge in HitFix.

. BAAD EL MAWKEAA (AFTER THE BATTLE), de Yousry Nasrallah (Em Competição)

Nahed El Sebaï provoca os fotógrafos

O realizador Yousry Nasrallah

«No contexto em que o Cinema, e a Arte em geral, estão na mira de pseudo-partidos Islâmicos, acredito que este filme representa um compromisso político e um compromisso ao próprio Cinema», Yousry Nasrallah, na conferência de imprensa para BAAD EL MAWKEAA.

«It's a film that touches intriguingly on issues relating to class, bourgeois hypocrisy, and the position of women in Egyptian society, but none of these themes are ever fully developed», Xan Brooks in The Guardian.

«Resonating with layers of personal and political meaning, the messy aftermath of the Egyptian revolution is captured with immediacy and excitement in the story of a horseman who attacked the demonstrators», Deborah Young in The Hollywood Reporter.

«BAAD EL MAWKEAA finally reaches an enthralling representation of community activism with its climactic scene, set at an actual protest — but by then it's too late to enliven the overall experience», Eric Kohn in indieWIRE.

. ROMAN POLANSKI : A FILM MEMOIR, de Laurent Bouzereau (Fora de Competição)

«This new documentary about Roman Polanski is undoubtedly enlightening, but suffers from a reticence over the key issues of the director's career.» Peter Bradshaw in The Guardian.

[Fotos: Site oficial do Festival.]

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