sexta-feira, junho 26, 2009

Hollywood Buzz #52

O que se diz lá fora sobre THE HURT LOCKER — ESTADO DE GUERRA, de Kathryn Bigelow:

«If THE HURT LOCKER is not the best action movie of the summer, I’ll blow up my car.»
A.O. Scott, New York Times.

«An intense, action-driven war pic, a muscular, efficient standout that 
 simultaneously conveys the feeling of combat from within as well as what it looks like on the ground.»
Lisa Schwarzbaum, Entertainment Weekly.

«Often gripping at a straight thriller level, but increasingly weakened by its fuzzy psychology, Kathryn Bigelow's THE HURT LOCKER doesn't bring anything new to the table of grunts-in-the-firing-line movies.»
Derek Alley, Variety.

«Here's the Iraq War movie for those who don't like Iraq War movies.»
Peter Travers, Rolling Stone.

«THE HURT LOCKER is a near-perfect movie about men in war, men at work. Through sturdy imagery and violent action, it says that even Hell needs heroes.»
Richard Corliss, Time Magazine.

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Ricardo Lopes Moura disse...

falámos do filme em fevereiro e continua sem previsão de estreia em Portugal.

excelente filme de guerra.

já estava na hora de katherine bigelow voltar a mostrar as garras.