quinta-feira, dezembro 15, 2011

Golden Globes Buzz

O que se diz lá fora sobre as nomeações, anunciadas hoje, para a 69ª edição dos Globos de Ouro:

«Although the Golden Globes have become less about predicting the Oscars and more about bringing star power to the ceremony, Thursday's nominations confirm what critics groups have been honoring for months.»
Christy Grosz, Variety.

«The Hollywood Foreign Press has spoken, and guess what? It likes the stars.»
Melena Ryzik, The Carpetbagger — The New York Times.

«So yes, these nominations, as always, are weird. It's certainly not worth being actually angry about them (...), but that doesn't mean there's not something to be said for taking your hat off to the sheer whimsy of, say, pitting Michelle Williams' heartbreaking work as Marilyn Monroe against Kristen Wiig with chocolate stuck to her teeth.»
Linda Holmes, National Public Radio.

«The Globes, as ever, have their very own crazy, stupid, logic.»
Tim Robey, Telegraph.

«But the applause for this film [THE ARTIST], too, is in part evidence of the Globes' eagerness to slap the back of its own industry, to blow Tinseltown's own trumpet. Such self-congratulation is unlikely to be muted once the Oscars come around.»
Catherine Shoard, The Guardian.

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