quarta-feira, maio 23, 2012

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«The chapter on "20 Seminal Films" would be where you'd expect to see a tired "hall of fame"-style enshrinement of such directors' work. But here "seminal" isn't just a code word for "most important": readers really do get a sense of how a particular film has left lasting ripples by means of its content, theme, technique, tone, or generic elements. Thus we have The Red Shoes side by side not only with Black Swan, but also with Suspiria. Freaks is juxtaposed with Stuck on You... and Buñuel's Viridiana... and Korine's Gummo, among others. But Thoret gets still more creative than this. One of those twenty films is Zapruder's JFK assassination footage, which is paired with De Palma and, most strikingly, The Deer Hunter. What's more, television series such as Patrick McGoohan's The Prisoner and Rod Serling's The Twilight Zone are also credited with being seminal "films," which, culturally, they are.»

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