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Festival de Cannes 2012 — Dia 8

. ON THE ROAD, de Walter Salles (Em Competição)

O elenco e realizador de ON THE ROAD

Walter Salles sorri para os fotógrafos

«Trabalhamos num espírito de constante improvisação», Walter Salles, durante a conferência de imprensa para ON THE ROAD.

Kirsten Dunst e Viggo Mortensen: nunca ficam mal na fotografia

«Handsome shots and touching sadness don't compensate for the tedious air of self-congratulation in Walter Salles's road movie», Peter Bradshaw in The Guardian.

«Overall, this just isn't a very good movie. It's repetitive and tedious, one scene after another barely distinguishing itself from the last», Brad Brevet in Rope of Silicon.

«It is a largely successful attempt to bring the book to life», Drew McWeeny in HitFix.

. HOLY MOTORS, de Leos Carax (Em Competição)

Foto de grupo de HOLY MOTORS

barking mad, assim apelidou a crítica HOLY MOTORS; o mesmo se poderia aplicar a Leos Carax

«O cinema é como uma ilha, uma belíssima ilha, onde existe um vasto cemitério. Quando fazes um filme, estás a criar cinema», Leos Carax sobre as auto-homenagens da Sétima Arte.

O sempre excêntrico Denis Lavant

«Leos Carax's experimental odyssey is barking mad, weightless and euphoric – it's what we have all come to Cannes for», Peter Bradshaw in The Guardian.

«HOLY MOTORS evolves with each passing minute, both brilliantly human and purposefully silly, a prism of performance and death so different from other films that it seems to have been beamed down from another planet», Glenn Heath Jr. in Press Play.

«A deliciously preposterous piece of filmmaking that appraises life and death and everything in between, reflected in a funhouse mirror», Megan Lehmann in The Hollywood Reporter.

. IO E TE, de Bernardo Bertolucci (Fora de Competição)

O regresso de Bernardo Bertolucci à Croisette

«Bernardo Bertolucci's IO E TE feels like an attempt to show that age, infirmity and three decades away from his native Italian cinema have done nothing to blunt his touch for capturing adolescent sensual yearning», Peter Debruge in Variety.

. 7 DÍAS EN LA HABANA, de Benicio Del Toro, Pablo Trapero, Julio Medem, Elia Suleiman, Gaspar Noé, Juan Carlos Tabio e Laurent Cantet (Un Certain Regard)

«Like a mojito that overdoes it on the lime juice, the omnibus film 7 DÍAS EN LA HABANA has a few veritable sweet spots but winds up leaving a rather sour aftertaste», Jordan Mintzer in The Hollywood Reporter.

[Fotos: Site oficial do Festival.]

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