domingo, maio 20, 2012

Festival de Cannes 2012 — Dia 4

. LAWLESS, de John Hillcoat (Em Competição)

Quem estará a despertar a atenção por trás de Tom Hardy, Jessica Chastain e Shia Labeouf?

O realizador John Hillcoat

«Quis mesmo sentir e compreender o mundo naquela altura e naquela parte dos Estados Unidos», John Hillcoat, durante a conferência de imprensa para LAWLESS.

Deslumbrantes Mia Wasikowska e Jessica Chastain

«John Hillcoat's moonshine drama looks handsome but its cocktail of violence and sentimentality sticks in the throat», Peter Bradshaw in The Guardian.

«This classy genre piece doesn't quite leave an emotional burn in the gut the way THE PROPOSITION did, but for those with a strong stomach for onscreen violence, it will hit the spot», Leslie Felperin in Variety.

«Loyalty and revenge dominate the film’s mostly messy narrative arc. But convention is only a means to an end for Hillcoat, whose contained vision of Prohibition-era America lingers on intimate details of human suffering; dirt hitting a coffin face, the fluttering of scorched leaves propelled into the air by a dynamite blast, and the gurgling blood from a slit throat are all reminders that Hillcoat’s cinema is equally brutal and poetic», Glenn Heath Jr. in indieWIRE.

. DUPÃ DEALURI / BEYOND THE HILLS, de Cristian Mungiu (Em Competição)

Cristian Mungiu perante os jornalistas

«Tento produzir uma forma diferente de cinema, um género diferente de filme. Não pretendo que o realizador seja "visível". A banda sonora e a música são elementos externos, logo não quis usá-los em demasia. E não acredito na necessidade de dizer ao espectador se deve sentir-se comovido ou não», Cristian Mungiu, sobre a produção de BEYOND THE HILLS.

I try to make a different kind of cinema, a different type of film. I do not want the director to be very visible. The music and editing are external elements and I did not want to over-use them. I don't think we need to tell the audience when they should feel moved or not

Cristian Mungiu ladeado pelas actrizes do seu filme, Cristina Flutur e Cosmina Stratan

«Enthralling, mysterious and intimately upsetting — a terrible demonstration of how poverty creates a space which irrational fear must fill», Peter Bradshaw in The Guardian.

. DARIO ARGENTO DRACULA 3D, de Dario Argento (Fora de Competição)

Thomas Kretschmann 'morde' Dario Argento

«Utterly lacking in imagination or suspense, this inane effort is strictly for hardcore Argento cultists», David Rooney in The Hollywood Reporter.

. ANTIVIRAL, de Brandon Cronenberg (Un Certain Regard)

«If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, David Cronenberg should be feeling pretty chuffed with son Brandon’s big-screen debut, a petri dish of high-concept perversity and cultural commentary teeming with lo-fi ickiness», Megan Lehmann in The Hollywood Reporter.

«You’ll wince, you’ll gasp, you’ll even laugh at the director’s audacity at including some of the more outrageously grotesque shots, but most of all you will be affected down to your core on more than one occasion», Simon Gallagher in Film School Rejects.

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ArmPauloFer disse...

Nada sei sobre Lawless, mas elenco tem. Mia, Cera, Hardy, Chastain... interessante mas sempre que vejo americanos cheios de hype em Cannes acho-os fora de sitio, como se estivessem no local errado.

Obs... não sabia que o Cronenberg também tinha um filho realizador... e vai lhe seguir as pisadas. Hummm...