sexta-feira, setembro 07, 2012

Festival de Veneza 2012 — Dia 10

Último dia de sessões antes do veredicto do júri presidido por Michael Mann. Amanhã, por esta hora, o Leão de Ouro estará atribuído...

. PASSION, de Brian De Palma (Selecção Oficial)

De Palma e Noomi Rapace na passadeira vermelha

«In general, however, the impression is that De Palma is indulging himself with homages to his own Hitchcockian greatest hits.»
Neil Young in The Hollywood Reporter.

«So the De Palma themes of betrayal, doubles, and identity switches are all there, but what’s missing, initially, is some of his visual panache. His camera lurches where it once danced.»
Jamie Dunn in indieWIRE.

. UN GIORNO SPECIALE, de Francesca Comencini (Selecção Oficial)

Francesca Comencini, exuberante para os fotógrafos

. DU HAST ES VERSPROCHEN, de Alex Schmidt (Fora de Competição)

«Stylish and atmospheric, this is entertainingly old-school horror for much of its running time, stuffed with such tried-and-true ingredients as creepy children, a creaking, isolated house, seemingly spectral presences and whispering woods on a misty island full of cagey locals.»
David Rooney in The Hollywood Reporter.


[Imagens: CBS News e Ansa.]
[Vídeos: canal do YouTube do Festival.]

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