segunda-feira, novembro 26, 2012

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«In commercial cinema nature often does not exist at all; all one has is the most advantageous lighting and interiors for the purpose of quick shooting — everybody follows the plot and no one is bothered by the artificiality of a setting that is more or less right, nor by the disregard for detail and atmosphere. When the screen brings the real world to the audience, the world as it actually is, so that it can bee sen in depth and from all sides, evoking its very 'smell', allowing audiences to feel on their skin its moisture or its dryness — it seems that the cinema-goer has so lost the capacity simply to surrender to an immediate, emotional aesthetic impression, that he instantly has to check himself, and ask: 'Why? What for? What's the point?'»

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O Narrador Subjectivo disse...

Adoro essa citação. Tarkovsky 4ever :P