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Festival de Veneza 2012 — Dia 9

. SINAPUPUNAN, de Brillante Mendoza (Selecção Oficial)

Brillante Mendoza (à direita) posa com as actrizes Lovie Poe, Mercedes Cabral e Nora Aunor

«Alluring scenery and a sympathetic lead performance help elevate an otherwise tepid, underdeveloped slice of Philippine ethno-drama.»
Neil Young in The Hollywood Reporter.

. LA CINQUIÈME SAISON, de Peter Brosens e Jessica Woodworth (Selecção Oficial)

A comitiva numerosa de ilustres desconhecidos de LA CINQUIÈME SAISON

«A loopy arthouse fable in which the rhythms of life in a rural Belgian community come apocalyptically unstuck.»
Robbie Collin in The Telegraph.

. THE COMPANY YOU KEEP, de Robert Redford (Fora de Competição)

O classicismo de Robert Redford preencheu Veneza

«While nostalgia is otherwise generally the order of the day here, it's not entirely filtered through rose-colored granny glasses, and the pic's colorful, almost-wastefully impressive cast limns a sociologically convincing rogue's gallery of reformed revolutionaries.»
Leslie Felperin in Variety.

«Adapted with clarity and intelligence, and lent distinguishing heft by its roster of screen veterans, this gripping drama provides an absorbing reflection on the courage and cost of dissent.»
David Rooney in The Hollywood Reporter.


[Fotos: AFP e Getty Images.]
[Vídeos: canal do YouTube do Festival.]

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