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Festival de Veneza 2012 — Dia 1

Os destaques do primeiro dia da 69ª edição do Festival de Veneza.

. THE RELUCTANT FUNDAMENTALIST, de Mira Nair (Filme de Abertura; Selecção Oficial)

Elenco e a realizadora posam para os fotógrafos

Kate Hudson na passadeira vermelha

Naomi Watts e Liev Schreiber

«This is bold and muscular storytelling with a plausible performance from Riz Ahmed in the lead role — though there is something flabby and evasive in the inevitable equivalence it winds up proposing between Islamic fundamentalism and aggressive American capitalism.»
Peter Bradshaw, in The Guardian.

«Ultimately, heavy-handed is the operative word. The brief moments of nuance suggest the kind of film it might have been, but for the most part Nair is interested in telling, rather than showing, and she’s not telling you anything you didn’t know before.»
Oliver Lyttelton, in indieWIRE.

«Nair is extremely careful not to demonize the American or the Pakistani but rather to suggest how much they have in common, had politics not put them on opposite sides of the table sipping tea, but inches away from a loaded gun.»
Deborah Young, in The Hollywood Reporter.

. ENZO AVITABILE MUSIC LIFE, de Jonathan Demme (Fora de Competição)

Avitabile e Demme, parceiros criativos de documentário

«It isn’t hard to see what attracted the director to the talented 57-year-old musician, a hyper-creative, mile-a-minute talker who sports a fuzzy haircut, a day’s stubble and a dangling crucifix earring.»
Deborah Young, in The Hollywood Reporter.

. STORIES WE TELL, de Sarah Polley (Fora de Competição)

«Making this film was the hardest thing I’ve ever done. It took five years and tormented me. I didn’t want to make it, and I wanted to give up many times along the way, but I also didn’t want this story to be out there in the words of someone other than the many people who lived it.»
Sarah Polley, sobre a experiência de realizar STORIES WE TELL.


[Fotos: The Guardian e CBS News.]
[Vídeos: canal do Youtube do Festival de Veneza e indieWIRE.]

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