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Festival de Veneza 2012 — Dia 5

Ao quinto dia de Festival, Terrence Malick, apupos, aplausos e muito debate aceso. Sucedeu o mesmo em Cannes com A ÁRVORE DA VIDA (2011) e o resultado foi o que se conhece...

. TO THE WONDER, de Terrence Malick (Selecção Oficial)

Olga Kurylenko posa para os fotógrafos. Malick, uma vez mais, não marcará presença

«Is unlikely to win over many who’ve sworn off Malick in the past, but it’s certainly one that leans towards traditional narrative a little more than THE TREE OF LIFE. And to our eyes at least it felt like a more coherent, deeply felt and satisfying film than its predecessor, and one of the highlights of the festival so far.»
Oliver Lyttelton, in indieWIRE.

«A slighter (and more repetitive) version of THE TREE OF LIFE in most respects, its flowing, exquisite imagery and elegant soundscape certainly pleasing to the eye and ear but the moves and motives of its sketchy characters failing to offer enough substance to nourish the spirit.»
Matt Mueller, in indieWIRE.

. LEMALE ET HA’CHALAL, de Rama Burshtein (Selecção Oficial)

Rama Burshtein, uma estreia sorridente em Veneza

«Stunningly shot in shallow focus, giving the ladies a soft incandescence, the film looks with great sympathy on a young woman being pressured by her mother to marry her late sister's husband.»
Jay Weissberg, in Variety.

«A serious romantic drama (though there are more than a few moments of rom com) in the context of a closed group with strict rules relating to marriage and relationships.»
Deborah Young, in The Hollywood Reporter.

. LOVE IS ALL YOU NEED, de Susanne Bier (Fora de Competição)

Estrelas e equipa técnica de LOVE IS ALL YOU NEED, com Pierce Brosnan ao centro

«It's neither unpredictable nor exactly fresh, but audiences willing to surrender to Susanne Bier's gently comic romance will find plenty of rewards.»
David Rooney, in The Hollywood Reporter.


[Fotos: Associated Press, AFP e Getty Images]
[Vídeos: canal do YouTube do Festival.]

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